Tai Chi Classes in Lafayette, IN

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is designed to tune your body, building flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. It’s a popular practice of people focused on their health and wellness, and it’s simple enough to be practiced by anyone—provided they’re diligent in their study of it! Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi offers classes to individuals interested in learning the movements and forms of Tai Chi, taught by the highest-level Tai Chi instructor in West Lafayette, IN.

Health, Energy and Application

No matter your reasons for wanting to learn Tai Chi, you’re bound to experience the benefits of this practice—the same benefits people have enjoyed for thousands of years.

  • Health

    Tai Chi classes in West Lafayette, IN help to focus the mind and the body, restoring health and improving the wellness outlook of an individual. It’s useful for alleviating stress-induced moods and improving physiological harmony. Tai Chi is often a recommended form of physical therapy, alongside the likes of yoga and calisthenics.

  • Energy

    Centering yourself and finding mental and physical harmony is important for channeling your energy. Tai Chi encourages the positive channeling of energy through smooth, guided, purposeful movements—often silk reeling or through poses. These simple exercises help the body achieve homeostasis and put it in harmony with the energies surrounding it.

  • Application

    There are many practical, tangible benefits from Tai Chi. It’s useful for improving flexibility and balance, as well as range of motion and strength. It helps put you in control of your breathing, which can lower your heart rate. Diligent practice of Tai Chi gives you a foundation for stability and total body synchronization.

Learn the Ancient Art of Tai Chi

You can’t properly learn Tai Chi from a book or online video. It’s best taught by someone who has intimate knowledge of the forms and a deep, respectful understanding of the practice. Sifu Argos has decades of experience, as a teacher, student and practice of Tai Chi. To learn from the best, in a setting tailored around you, contact Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi today at (765) 688-0070. All classes are by appointment only.