Meditation in Lafayette, IN

Self-defense is about more than protecting yourself. It’s about gaining the confidence and discipline to do so, and to stand tall with personal integrity. At Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi, we strive to instill these skills and traits in our students through various modes of discipline. From Tai Chi to Xing Yi, Chi Kung to Taoist and Buddhist introspection, we teach the power of self-defense training and meditation.

Private Instruction

Looking for a self-defense instructor in Lafayette, IN who offers private lessons? Sifu Argos gladly welcomes individual students seeking self-defense training in a private capacity. We understand the desire to build confidence and learn in a one-on-one capacity. Our lessons are available to both children and adults.

Whether for self-defense or health and wellness, every lesson is tailored around the learner. Sifu Argos teaches ancient time-tested movements, oriented toward your personal goals. All lessons are by appointment only, to ensure the undivided attention of the Sifu.

Martial Arts Forms

A veteran martial arts instructor in Lafayette, IN, Sifu Argos is unmatched in his training. His mastery of martial arts spans the major forms of traditional Chinese practice, gleaned from closed-door teaching over the last 40 years. He seeks to pass on these time-honored techniques and skills to students seeking discipline and the ability to defend themselves. Sifu Argos teaches the following modalities:

  • Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan)
  • Xing Yi Quan
  • Pa Kua (Baguazhang)
  • I Chuan (Yi quan)
  • Chi Kung (Qigong)


For those dealing with anxiety, low self-confidence or stress, meditation brings clarity. But not everyone understands the principles of centering body and mind, and blocking out noise. We teach Taoist and Buddhist meditation techniques, helping students achieve peace and balance, affecting their mental and physical health in positive ways.

Seated Meditation


Sit up with your back straight and away from the back of the chair.

Curl the tongue back and touch the roof of the mouth.

Keep your lips together.

Breath through the nose.

Tilt your chin down slightly.

Keep your eyes open slightly with your gaze towards the ground in front of you.

Fold your hands in the Taiji Mudra (shape) and place the palms against your abdomen.

Or form the Zen Mudra by placing the left hand over the right* and touch the thumbs
together (like tending an egg or forming the shape of a pyramid).

The hands may be placed on your lap or (in order to take the Dimond Posture)
bring them up, up to a point just above the navel.

Relax your shoulders forward and down.

Do not throw your elbows out like a Popeye chicken.

*Left over right in order to calm down and go deeper into your meditative state.

Right over left to rouse your energy in order to stay awake and help others.



While maintaining a good posture (see above)
When you inhale relax the mind
When you exhale count one
When you inhale relax the mind
When you exhale count two
When you inhale relax the mind
When you exhale count four
Continue in this way when you exhale and count nine
When you inhale relax the mind

Learn the Ancient Arts

If you’re interested in learning self-defense forms, taught privately by a Kung Fu master, contact Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi today. Reach Sifu Argos directly at (765) 688-0070. All classes are by appointment only.