Kids Martial Arts Classes in Lafayette, IN


The habits and outlooks we develop in our young lives are important for how we develop as adults. If you’re seeking to put your child on a path to good self-development, consider signing them up for Tai Chi lessons in West Lafayette, IN with Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi. Not only will they be taught by a master with patience and understanding, they’ll also learn the skills they need to defend themselves.

Why Learn Martial Arts?

Kids of all ages can benefit from Kung Fu lessons in West Lafayette, IN. The discipline and focus demanded in lessons translates to real-world benefits, much in the same way learning a musical instrument or a second language does. Take a look at some of the real benefits gained from learning martial arts as a child:

  • Patience and understanding
  • Better physical wellness
  • Mindfulness and empathy
  • Strong confidence
  • Improved awareness
  • Better balance and stability

There are both physical and mental benefits to learning self-defense at a young age. It makes for a more active mind and body, with compounding benefits that stay with a person for life!

One-on-One Lessons

Sifu Jason Argos teaches kids self-defense in a one-on-one setting that’s comfortable and tailored to their skill level. They get the benefit of direct instructor attention, instead of being forced to keep pace with a class or group. Your child will get personalized instruction and the help they need to embrace their teaching and embody its principles.

Sign up for Classes Today

Ready to enroll your child at Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi? Contact Sifu Argos directly at (765) 688-0070 to learn more about the classes offered. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and can provide information about the various types of martial arts offered. All classes are by appointment only.