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Home of the 1-inch punch!
40 years mastering the 3 styles of Internal Kung Fu

Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi

With over 40 years of mastery, Sifu Jason Argos brings decades of experience to Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi. We offer private lessons in self-defense and martial arts, focusing on Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Qi Gong and similar forms. Sifu Argos also advises in meditation, drawing from Taoist and Buddhist principles. No prior experience necessary; call today to schedule a private or semi-private lesson.

Cul-de-sac Kung fu

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This is a daily follow-along health exercise set which evolved from my years of practice. Please feel free to follow along or download it and share!

Discover Your Capacity for Self-Defense and Focused Confidence

Studying behind closed doors with some of the world’s best Kung Fu masters, Sifu Jason Argos has more than 40 years of experience as a student of discipline. Today, through Argos Eternal Treasure Kung Fu Tai Chi, he passes this knowledge on to his own students through self-defense classes in Lafayette, IN.

Sifu Argos welcomes individuals seeking to learn martial arts. His experience with Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong make him an expert teacher, and he works to instill the fundamentals in his pupils. His approach teaches balance and calming, to ensure proper form and execution. From classic movements like silk reeling, to various forms of animal Kung Fu, Sifu Argos helps students find their flow and embrace their confidence. As students progress they learn more difficult forms and movements, leading to a cumulative understanding of the art they’re practicing. Skills testing is voluntary and there is no uniform. We strive to provide instruction in an environment that’s welcoming and comfortable, conducive to engaged learning and practice.

Tai Chi

The 5 Elements Of Transformation

Our martial arts classes in Lafayette, IN are tailored to the individual and their goals. Whether you want your child to learn to protect themselves or you’re concerned about your own health and wellness, Sifu Argos will tailor instruction around each pupil. The result is an experience that leaves a lasting, profound impact on each person.Schedule your lesson today and experience the timeless power of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong or meditative techniques, taught by a true master.

  • Our Sifu
    Sifu Jason Argos has more than 40 years of private training with top traditional Kung Fu and Qigong masters. No one else in Indiana has achieved his level of study.

  • Private Classes
    We offer private classes for meditation and self-defense techniques, for both adults and children. By training in private with an expert, you reduce the probability of injuries.

  • Self-Defense
    Sifu Jason Argos aims to teach not just self-defense techniques, but also discipline and confidence to every student.

  • For Everyone
    No prior experience is necessary—we’re prepared to teach any person the fundamentals. If you have former training, you won’t have to start over; we build on past experience.

  • Appointment Only
    All hours are by appointment only, to ensure you’re getting the appropriate time and undivided attention you deserve.

Better Than a Personal Trainer

BetGet your mind and body in shape, while learning self-defense and centering techniques. Contact us today to learn more about private Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Qi Gong lessons with Sifu Argos.

Offering private lessons in Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and other Martial Arts to the following areas:
  • Tippecanoe County, IN
  • West Lafayette, IN
  • Lafayette, IN
  • Carbondale, IN
  • Crawfordsville, IN
  • Attica, IN
  • Lebanon, IN
  • Delphi, IN
  • Kokomo, IN
  • Logansport, IN
  • Fowler, IN
  • Indianapolis, IN